7th March 2020

It was a milestone for Union Karate Do today
The squad consisted of Dave McCarthy, Richard Stevenson, Jon Howard, Jim Cole, Paul Wedlake, Aaron Blake, Gary Blake, Martyn Hunton, Frazer Hayes, Mia Hayes, Summer Silver, Tom Kite, Joseph Nicholson (absent due to illness), George Issac, Charlie Issac, Mazy Higgs, Taylor Stevenson, Alfie Howard, Dan Curd and Dacre Stevenson.

19 trophies were won by the squad:

Men’s Team Kumite3rd place
Aaron Blake, Jon Howard, Richard Stevenson

Men’s Kata2nd place
Aaron Blake

Junior Team Kata3rd place
Frazer Hayes, Mia Hayes, Summer Silver

Men’s Team Kata3rd place
Martyn Hunton, Paul Wedlake, Jon Howard

Under 11 Kata3rd place
George Issac

Under 8 Kata3rd place
Charlie Issac

Under 16 Male Kumite2nd place
Frazer Hayes

Under 16 Female Kumite3rd place
Mia Hayes

2020 EKO National Champions

Under 8 Kata
Mazy Higgs

Under 11 Kata
Summer Silver

Men’s Team Kata
Dave McCarthy, Aaron Blake, Gary Blake

All the early morning training and commitment to achieve has paid off
A few tears and a lot of smiles.